THE J²H² Experience


Honestly many traditional happy hours aren’t always happy occasions. People meet at a bar or restaurant, drink alcohol, eat appetizers and leave with raspy voices and heartburn. Nothing says teamwork or networking like yell – speaking with each other.

While recent articles in the New York Times¹ and Fast Company² have demonstrated staff appreciation events can add to productivity, the articles note that demand for alternative happy hours are growing. Mental and physical activities such as trivia parties, escape rooms and fitness related outings are seemingly gaining more popularity.

An innovative addition to alternative happy hours is the J²H² Experience, which stands for Japanese Jujitsu Happy Hour. Participants learn basic Japanese jujitsu techniques from experienced instructors while working with each other, having fun and bonding. Prior martial arts experience is not required and the professional instructors create an enjoyable and comfortable experience.


$1,200 – $2,000 depending upon the number of participants, instructors and amount of time. The J²H² Experience is customized to client needs and the client provides food and beverage.



Happy hours, health and wellness events, retreats, new hire appreciation, leadership development and employee family events

About the Presenter

Dr. Nguyen “Tom” Griggs owns Lead Connect Grow LLC. His company is insured and he is a speaker and consultant focusing on Teams, Leadership and Conflict resolution. Dr. Griggs has more than 23 years of experience in martial arts and he is a 2nd degree black belt at TNT Jujitsu in Houston, TX.

¹ New York Times: Happy Hour Alternatives: Camaraderie That Doesn’t Lead to Hangovers

² Fast Company: Why Happy Employees Are 12% More Productive


  • All techniques are taught in a safe, fun and practical manner
  • No special equipment needed so the experience can be hosted in a private area or a client’s office space (depending on the number of participants)
  • Participants switch partners which fosters camaraderie and team building
  • CEO’s, interns, mid-level people can all enjoyably participate
  • The J2H2 experience is excellent for team building and networking with clients or potential clients
  • Workout clothes are optional
  • We discourage egos and focus on respect, safety, and working with others